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We stock a great range of products, the showroom is so large that it's much more like a 'superstore'. We sell photocopiers, fax machines, laminators, office furniture, calculators, binding machines, cash registers and a complete range of stationery. So if it's stationery you're after, shop at Deniliquin Office Equipment & Copy Shop and you'll experience the personal, friendly service.

Our Services include:

  • photocopying - colour & B/W
  • binding & laminating
  • fax service
  • rubber stamps made to order


The Toshiba FC15 full colour copier offers a whole range of copying:

  • full colour reproduction from any original
  • full colour reproduction from electronic download
  • full colour reproduction from your CD
  • full colour reproduction from your floppy disk sizes A4 & A3 from 80gsm to 190gsm silk/gloss paper 80gsm, 100gsm, 130gsm, 170gsm, 190gsm enlargements & reductions
  • overheads
  • mono color, one colour print
  • red green blue yellow
  • mono color plus colour print or black
  • black print plus colour

Photocopying, Instant Printing, Plan Printing
Deniliquin Office Equipment offers a whole range of Photo Copying, Instant Print Runs, Plan Printing

  • photoopying from an original, CD or floppy disk, email
  • sizes …A4 & A3 – or larger can be copied on the plan printer
  • enlargements & reductions
  • overheads

Plan Printing
Up to A0 841 – 1189


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